Vacation from Vacations

For quite some time now, I don’t feel the urge to go out and enjoy the nature nor travel outside my parameter. The very reason why this page was not posting new blogs for weeks. For quite some time, I’ve been on a home-work-home-work route and guess what, it doesn’t feel bad at all.


Maybe that’s it. We need vacations from vacations. We need to rest from what we also considered as “rest”.

We sometimes need to gather energy from the sources around us rather than going for a farther pursuit of it. And that I think is essential, especially if the weather is as hot as the summer here in the Philippines. The weather will just drain and wither you away if you try to play with the mountains. Consider me weak, but with this kind of seasons, I’d rather be at home with my books and some good music on the background. I’d rather be writing stuffs and take lots of selfie. Yes, lots of selfie (but I’ll be sharing just 3 of them). Just me and my parameter.

But don’t worry I’ll be posting more of my adventures after a few weeks or so. I am not giving up my travel-adventure-lifestyle. I’m just resting from it. And I repeat, that is also essential. We need to give ourselves a time to miss vacations and adventures once in a while, don’t we? Besides, home-work route is quite an adventure sometimes. Thank God I have an adventure-filled life. I believe we all do. Some are just too busy to realize, forgetting to break free from their own parameter. But instead of lecturing you to enjoy life, I’ll be wishing for a great day for you instead, then the rest will surely follow! 😀


Majestic Artwork

To travel is to witness how amazing and creative the God we have. And sometimes, you don’t need to travel far to witness the greatness of His creation.

Sometimes all you need to do is to open the window of your room to witness such beauty.

God’s canvass is the world. His masterpiece is just around the corner. You just need to have an appreciative heart. You just need to look around.

And look what I have found by just sitting around and waiting:


photo by: shella salud

God painted the sky for me and even for you. What a majestic work of art indeed. The look of the sky gives us something to feel. To feel life. It stirs something within our hearts. I don’t know what it gives you but I know what it gave me.

And the good thing is.. God never stop showing His majestic artwork. It is new every morning; they surround us. Look for one every day.

Mind the Nature

I always believe that adventure is just a step away from home, that’s why last day I went to the nearest sea and was excited to feel the warmth of it. I wanted to feel and play with the sun, sand and sea.

photo by: Shella Salud

photo by: Shella Salud

But I noticed, as I roam around the area, some garbage around the shore. And this made me feel sad.







I wonder why some people chose to put or drop their litters elsewhere, rather than disposing them to the right place. We are supposed to take care of the nature given by God; we are supposed to appreciate them. Please mind the nature before dropping your garbage elsewhere. If you can’t find a right place to dispose them, then keep it in your bag or pocket and dispose them properly later.

I am taking this seriously because we are damaging God’s nature seriously. If we want to have a clean environment then please start that discipline within ourselves. Let’s take care of the environment given by God. Ruining the nature is ruining God’s glory as well.

Have a wonderful world. 😀






As I was capturing these paths, a thought suddenly led me to ask God why He didn’t design life this way..
Then maybe, nobody will get lost as they continue on their journey; nobody will take a very long pause just to decide which way to go; nobody will get confused..

But then I guess, He helped me answered my thought..
If life was designed this way, nobody will learn what’s really best for them. If God designed an obvious path for our journey, we’ll never know the importance of seeking the right way; and we’ll never experience the fulfillment and happiness the moment we realize the right path for us.

Sometimes we need to get lost along the way in order to appreciate the importance of walking in the right path. And please, when you know you are lost, seek the right path. If it looks very confusing, ask the Maker. He knows the right way for you. 🙂

Have Some Yellow Today

Our day to day work loads, which sometimes we hate to do, can make us see the world a little bit gloomy and dry. And that isn’t healthy for a soul, I must say. Our soul needs nourishment too. 😀

I don’t know if this will affect you and give you that kind of ‘feels’ the way it was to me, but just in case, here’s something yellow and bright to lighten up your day. 😀

have some yellow

have some yellow

And by the way, I encourage you to look for something healthy for your soul and experience it first hand. As for me, this one nourishes my soul. 😉

Big thanks to You, our amazing Creator! 😀

have some yellow

have some yellow

A Glimpse of Twilight

photo by: Shella Salud

photo by: Shella Salud

Since I don’t have my DSLR with me, and since I can’t miss to capture the beauty beholding in front me, I immediately held my phone up and took a shot of this — a perfect view of twilight.

It was prettier in real life, but yeah at least you can have a glimpse of amazingness in this photo. Thanks to my phone. 😛

This Kind of Summer

shell food  pond

shell food pond

“My heart and flesh cry out for You the Living God. Your Spirit’s water to my soul. I’ve tasted and I’ve seen come once again to me.”

Just when I’m about to upload this picture, I suddenly remembered this line from a song (Better is One Day) and I believed that was what exactly this photo was trying to represent: That (1) this isn’t just what a shellfish pond in the Philippines looks like during summer and after the harvest. Also, (2) this is what a person feels like sometimes: dry and empty.

And we all get this kind of summer in our lives. Summer that sometimes, you were the only one who can feel; summer that we keep to ourselves and ourselves alone; Summer that we don’t want to pass through; Summer that we don’t enjoy.

And that kind of Summer is normal just like this Summer we are currently experiencing here in the Philippines. It’s part of life and it will pass through.

But if time comes, you think your summer is never ending and you’re tempted to give up, remember this:
Every time we feel dry and empty we can always come to the Lord and allow Him to refresh our whole being. Just like how rain refreshes and gives life to this soil. 

shell food pond

shell food pond

Rain will come. God will come. Call unto Him and experience it yourself.

Simplicity of Life


photo by: Shella Salud

Somewhere in GMA, Cavite, Philippines.

This place reminds me how the simplicity of life can bring real peace in our lives. And so with peace comes genuine happiness.

We need to be in this place every once in a while. Take a break from city lights and let the moment serenade you with the beauty of this nature.

Feel refreshed with the lashing sound of the river and with the joyful voices of birds flying around.

It’s never wrong to have a busy life but it’s wrong not to enjoy the beauty of this kind. It’s a gift from God. 🙂

A Bigger Picture


This was captured at the top of a building somewhere in Alabang, Philippines. And oh, how breathtaking it is to see the wonderful landscape below.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it so amazing to see the world at its larger scale. It brings out the best in her. It’s funny that though the reality of this landscape is somewhat not attracted when you are actually below and walking on the sidewalk; I mean gosh, the traffic, the noise, the waste, not to mention the smell; We still can’t deny the beauty that this place has when we look at it from the top, and a little bit farther.

And so I remember someone who told me to see something on a larger scale. We maybe experiencing something awful or something we don’t like, but the truth is, it’s just part of a bigger picture. And when you see the whole picture, you’ll see how amazing, that those little things, are also working for this picture to be so beautiful. It’s just like peeking on a key whole, you only see some part of what’s behind that door, and when you see it completely, I can only imagine how amazing it will be. And that is how God works in our lives, and the most awesome thing is that He knows what He is doing and it is always for our good.