Farmer’s Best Friend

We can never deny that we are now living in a world of technology; Machines were built with additional skills; Gadgets never fail to surprise us with amazing features; Robots are trying to interact with human. I bet sooner or later, one of my friends will be buying a flying car. I guess, the future is always faster than how we think it is.

And then, what happens next every time we indulge ourselves in this so called future? Are we going to leave behind those that can’t cope with the change our world constantly gives? Are we to choose who stays and who dies?

These were the things I suddenly remember the very moment I saw this photo which I took a while ago.



I haven’t seen this creature for quite some time until today. And I’m grateful I had seen one again. This “Kalabaw” as we all know, plays a big part in a farmer’s life. Aside from that, it is also also considered as the Philippine’s National animal. And I wonder what would happen to them in case their help won’t be needed anymore because machines will be lot better than them. Would the farmers still choose to have them instead? Or will there be another special dish that would include this creature as the main ingredient? I hope not, It’s like their whole life will be wasted because they will never serve their true purpose. To live and to die and be eaten is not how Kalabaw should be valued. They are more than that.

But I wonder why did I only see a single Kalabaw in this very large farm? Where are the other farmer’s best friend?

And though I feel my instinct serves no doubt, I hope I’m not predicting it right. Just look at the face of this creature above, and tell me why do you think he stares you like that?