Vacation from Vacations

For quite some time now, I don’t feel the urge to go out and enjoy the nature nor travel outside my parameter. The very reason why this page was not posting new blogs for weeks. For quite some time, I’ve been on a home-work-home-work route and guess what, it doesn’t feel bad at all.


Maybe that’s it. We need vacations from vacations. We need to rest from what we also considered as “rest”.

We sometimes need to gather energy from the sources around us rather than going for a farther pursuit of it. And that I think is essential, especially if the weather is as hot as the summer here in the Philippines. The weather will just drain and wither you away if you try to play with the mountains. Consider me weak, but with this kind of seasons, I’d rather be at home with my books and some good music on the background. I’d rather be writing stuffs and take lots of selfie. Yes, lots of selfie (but I’ll be sharing just 3 of them). Just me and my parameter.

But don’t worry I’ll be posting more of my adventures after a few weeks or so. I am not giving up my travel-adventure-lifestyle. I’m just resting from it. And I repeat, that is also essential. We need to give ourselves a time to miss vacations and adventures once in a while, don’t we? Besides, home-work route is quite an adventure sometimes. Thank God I have an adventure-filled life. I believe we all do. Some are just too busy to realize, forgetting to break free from their own parameter. But instead of lecturing you to enjoy life, I’ll be wishing for a great day for you instead, then the rest will surely follow! 😀