Up and Down to the top of Mt. Batulao

Hooray, I just conquered the 6th mountain on my bucket list since I started hiking.


Mt. Batulao (photo by: shella salud)

The mountain is called Mt. Batulao; known for its up and down hills on the way to the top with less trees along the trail . The mountain is located at Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, and is 2 hours away from our place in Cavite.

Since there are seldom trees along the trail, I highly recommend that you cover yourself from the sun to prevent sunburn. This is what we got for not securing our skin from the sun:

We started the hike at 7:30am and got down from it at 5:30pm. We climbed the mountain almost the whole day because we were fond of taking breaks whenever we feel exhausted.


The hike was kind of difficult because there are lots of hills to be climbed up and down plus the fact that there are trails that are too steep for us to climb and to get down.


Before reaching the jump-off, you will need to walk about 2kms to get there. You have the choice to walk or ride a tricycle; in our case, we decided to just walk our way to the jump-off.

Upon reaching the start of the trail, there are vendors of bamboo stick that will eventually help you climb the mountain. The stick only cost P10.


As we climb the mountain, the scenic views started to amaze us.


And as we go higher, the trail started to get more difficult.


But even though you get exhausted along the way, there are stores and vendors that offer refreshments like coconut.


There are also plenty of dogs in the mountain.



And after 5 hours of going up and down the hills and paying 5 registration fees due to land ownership, we have reached the summit.


There are another registration fees upon going down the summit. All in all you’ll spend P130 for the 6 registration fees. That’s quite a big amount compare to other mountains. Usually, there is only one registration fee amounting to P20-P50 for climbing mountains here in the Philippines. But it can also be expensive if they require tour guides. It’s a good thing that this mountain didn’t require us to have one.

We decided to go down the summit using the new trail. I forgot to mention that you have a choice which trail you will be using: the old or the new trail. In our case, we chose to climb the summit via old trail and get down on it via new trail.


And though we were already descending the mountain, we can’t deny the fact that still the scenery is still breathtaking.


Although we were exhausted and quite pissed about the numerous registration fees, no amount of money can pay the beauty we have witnessed upon climbing this mountain. And here I am, encouraging the readers to get out there and enjoy the beauty of the world God has created. You will be mesmerized by how creative our God is.

For those who want to see the list of our expenses, here it is:
P150 – van transpo fare from Tejero, Cavite to Mt. Batulao
P130 – registration fees
P150 – van from Mt. Batulao to Tejero, Cavite

Time of arrival: 7:30am
Time of departure: 5:30pm

To see the footage of our journey, click this link: Mt. Batulao Adventure.



  1. Elmer Nev Valenzuela · March 18, 2017

    I see Mount Batulao is so worn out now. Been there a long time ago when the western peaks dont have trails yet. Ganda pa din nya nevertheless. Nice shots

    Liked by 1 person

    • shellaseven · March 19, 2017

      Yes, at walang mga puno along the trail. I wonder what it was like back then. Pero maganda naman ang mga tanawin. Fulfilling and amazing. 😀 Thanks by the way!


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