Masungi Georeserve Adventure

Two months ago, we decided to take a reservation here in Masungi Georeserve. We chose a date that will give us enough preparation financially also physically, aside from the fact that most of the nearest dates were already fully booked.

Masungi Georeserve Management requires the visitors to book  the date of their visit in advance. They don’t allow walk-ins. All you have to do is go to their website: Masungi Georeserve to book a reservation. Also, you must be a group of at least 7 people but not more than 14. And since there’s no public transportation that passes by the area, you might need to bring a private vehicle. Further details can be found at their website: Masungi Georeserve.


Photo by: Shella Salud

The place is located at Baras, Rizal, Philippines. It was named Masungi because it was derived from the word Masungki (crooked teeth), which describes the rock formation around the mountain.

The place is famous for the bridge and ladder which were made out of ropes,

and let us not forget the giant rope hammock hanging between two hills.

Another famous attraction of the place is the so-called Sapot, a giant spider web hanging between large rock hills, which of course made out of ropes.

And before you head on to the finish line and grab some snack,


You must overcome the final challenge — Bayawak, in English giant lizard..

Aside from these challenges, there are some spots too that are worth savoring and seeing . Here are those:

To sum it up, the 4 to 5 hour hike isn’t that hard, you just have to follow the trail and the instruction of the park ranger.

Also, once in a while, the park ranger gives insight and trivia about each spot or attraction that you will encounter.

Although the hike is quite easy, it’s no doubt that it’s exciting and full of adventure and rewarding, especially the part when you reach the end of every challenge and when you reach the peak.

I highly recommend Masungi Georeserve  to first-time hikers and beginners. Although, this might cost an amount of money, I assure you that it’s worth the time and cost. As of this year, their rate per head is P1,500 during weekdays and 1,800 during weekends. That includes snack at the end of the trail.

If you wish to see more of our adventure, you may click this link and watch our video footage: Facebook: Masungi Georeserve Adventure, Vimeo: Masungi Georeserve Adventure.

So what areyou waiting for? Book a visit now! 😀


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