Majestic Artwork

To travel is to witness how amazing and creative the God we have. And sometimes, you don’t need to travel far to witness the greatness of His creation.

Sometimes all you need to do is to open the window of your room to witness such beauty.

God’s canvass is the world. His masterpiece is just around the corner. You just need to have an appreciative heart. You just need to look around.

And look what I have found by just sitting around and waiting:


photo by: shella salud

God painted the sky for me and even for you. What a majestic work of art indeed. The look of the sky gives us something to feel. To feel life. It stirs something within our hearts. I don’t know what it gives you but I know what it gave me.

And the good thing is.. God never stop showing His majestic artwork. It is new every morning; they surround us. Look for one every day.


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