Climb for Caio at Mt. Maynuba

Almost a month ago, I and my travel buddies joined a climb for a cause, it was entitled climb for Caio. 13584762_1051845154900842_6784064101318652925_o Caio is a dog who died at the mountain and thus the owner buried it at the mountain top.

The event was organized by Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo.

I failed to capture every moment due to exhaustion (I need to catch the group up and keep climbing), IMG_053313641030_1051846814900676_5812513284486564784_o13581986_1051847788233912_7566774269653651925_o13568904_1051846151567409_5485026404996972826_o13640947_1051846704900687_1552931111181413057_othat’s why some of the pictures here were grabbed from the Facebook page of Saint Roche.

I realized one thing from the climb: that if you want to enjoy every moment of your climb you should never ever join a group climb, your focus will be on the catching up not on the beauty of the climb.


Mt. Maynuba is located at Tanay, Rizal, Philippines, we climbed it for 3 hours, and I guess it is recommended for the first timers.

Here are the pictures of the view while we climb:



And finally we reached the top..






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