Sweet Escape

Batangas, Philippines is a nice place for scuba and snorkeling; a sweet escape indeed. It’s just a bit sad that I don’t own a waterproof camera; I failed to capture what’s underneath the ocean.



Aside from that, there are other things which you can enjoy while you stay at the place.

Here is a warm Gotong Batangas that you should try to eat.

Also, don’t miss the special hot choco of the place. Made from pure cocoa/tablea boiled for less than 10 minutes.. and dyaraaaaan.. a mouthwatering hot choco.. 😛

Don’t forget to enjoy the nature while you stay at the place.





So what are you waiting for, visit Batangas and celebrate a special moment with the nature and don’t miss the special delicacies of the place…

Here’s a vlog on our sweet escape here in Anilao, Batangas: https://vimeo.com/177689832