Mind the Nature

I always believe that adventure is just a step away from home, that’s why last day I went to the nearest sea and was excited to feel the warmth of it. I wanted to feel and play with the sun, sand and sea.

photo by: Shella Salud

photo by: Shella Salud

But I noticed, as I roam around the area, some garbage around the shore. And this made me feel sad.







I wonder why some people chose to put or drop their litters elsewhere, rather than disposing them to the right place. We are supposed to take care of the nature given by God; we are supposed to appreciate them. Please mind the nature before dropping your garbage elsewhere. If you can’t find a right place to dispose them, then keep it in your bag or pocket and dispose them properly later.

I am taking this seriously because we are damaging God’s nature seriously. If we want to have a clean environment then please start that discipline within ourselves. Let’s take care of the environment given by God. Ruining the nature is ruining God’s glory as well.

Have a wonderful world. 😀






Sometimes, this doesn’t mean being alone in your private world; you can experience solitude even when you’re surrounded by people who are real to you.. You can experience solitude by just looking at the sea. Just like how I experienced mine when I captured this kind of solitude.

And please keep in mind that solitude is best spent with people you love the most. 😀