A Bigger Picture


This was capturedĀ at the top of a building somewhere in Alabang, Philippines. And oh, how breathtaking it is to see the wonderful landscape below.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it so amazing to see the world at its larger scale. It brings out the best in her. It’s funny that though the reality of this landscape is somewhat not attracted when you are actually below and walking on the sidewalk; I mean gosh, the traffic, the noise, the waste, not to mention the smell; We still can’t deny the beauty that this place has when we look at it from the top, and a little bit farther.

And so I remember someone who told me to see something on a larger scale. We maybe experiencing something awful or something we don’t like, but the truth is, it’s just part of a bigger picture. And when you see the whole picture, you’ll see how amazing, that those little things, are also working for this picture to be so beautiful. It’s just like peeking on a key whole, you only see some part of what’s behind that door, and when you see it completely, I can only imagine how amazing it will be. And that is how God works in our lives, and the most awesome thing is that He knows what He is doing and it is always for our good.